my everyday low tolerance

I don't shop at Walmart for numerous reasons. A handful are ethical, but the MAJORITY of my beef with Wally World is pure and simple annoyance. I hate the crowded aisles. Everything feels dirty and disorganized. I can never find what I need. I'm afraid of being dive-bombed by a ceiling-bird.

I never feel content after a trip to Walmart. Unlike Target which makes me feel good about my consumerism, Walmart gives me a headache and makes me cranky. [On second thought, maybe I SHOULD shop there. I'd spend way less money...]

AND, it happens as soon as I walk in the door.

Has anyone else noticed that the 'enter' and 'exit' doors are on the wrong sides? Take a look at it the next time you are about to enter a Walmart [which hopefully isn't anytime soon]. Usually, in the United States, you walk/drive on the right side of the road. Walmart completely disrupts this by having the door you want on the LEFT side. I have had many, many, near-collisions because of Walmart's unnatural door placement. [And my stubborn refusal to go in the left-hand door.]

If anyone can tell me why the doors are on the wrong side, I will be grateful. Until then, I will not be shopping at Walmart. So, there.

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  1. Go to Big Lots. I frickin' love Big Lots. You seriously never know what awesome treasures you will find, and they're all cheap. My favorite discoveries: a widescreen copy of a Czech movie I like (for THREE BUCKS!!), 50-cent canned bean sprouts, can-and-a-half cans of Campbell's soup (for $1), awesome ikea-style cabinets with high quality hinges and hardware ($30), and a suet-holding bird feeder for a buck.

    Things I like about Latrobe Walmart:
    occasional deals
    everything in one place
    24-hr access to a safe indoor RedBox ($1 DVD rental)

    Things I hate about Latrobe Walmart:
    everything is dirty
    i feel dirty when I leave
    extremely poor service
    things I want are often sold out or not stocked
    all the cheap DVDs are crappy fullscreen >:(
    encourages waste
    nobody is ever at the fitting room to unlock it