[with a little help from] my friends

There are days when I am overwhelmed by my friends. I am always proud of them for being the most talented and intelligent and hilarious and beautiful people on Planet Earth. I am always amazed that they put up with me despite my cranky-ness and inability to return phone calls. I always appreciate them.

But some days, I am so thankful I can barely stand it.

I felt this way on Thursday night after eating my weight in fondue, baked brie, bread, fruit, and homemade ice-cream with two of my closest [and oldest] friends. Time with these girls always results in renewed energy, sore cheeks [from laughing], full bellies, and inspiration to live and appreciate life fully.

My fondue-high was still strong at the post office the next morning when the postmaster handed me a heavy little package from Jerusalem...

The photo doesn't do the package justice. It almost put me over the edge when I opened it. There are almost TWENTY Kinder Bueno bars and the sandals are made of camel leather. I don't know how much it cost to ship, but this box was HEAVY! I don't think I can say 'thank you' enough for this ridiculous gift and this ridiculous friendship. Thank you. [I tried to say it in Swabian, but I think it would just be German... :)]

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